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I serve over 1500 dogs and have excellent reviews from my clients
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How often should I take my dog to the groomer?
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In fact, large dogs who like to play actively on the street go often enough, about once a week, as they quickly get dirty and come in to bathe. Small dogs of sheared breeds go on average once a month for a haircut and once in every 2 weeks for a bath, we do not put on any restrictions.
Do you work with cats?
Yes, we do. We have a lot of experience working with cats since 2018. Also, for an additional fee, we work with aggressive cats as well.
What do I do if my dog has matts?
We will look at the condition of the dog when you come to see us. In neglected cases, we will need to shave it all off short and grow it back. In most cases, we may be able to comb it out, but this is not included in the standard grooming packages and will be charged extra.
What cosmetics or products do you use for grooming?
We have all types of professional cosmetics in our arsenal. From shampoos for puppies to special shampoos for dogs with dermatological problems. Of course, we also have specific shampoos for different types of coats and many scents, including lavender cosmetics for relaxation.
Do we need to bathe the dog before grooming?
Of course, you do not. We will make the washing more thorough. Especially if the dog has tangles, washing will make the knots tighter and it will be much harder to comb. So, leave that job to the professionals.
How often should the nails be clipped?
It is advisable to trim the nails once every two or three weeks, depending on the dog's activity. If the dog is active, runs a lot and the nails are sharpened, then you can cut them less often, but if your dog walks slowly with you, it is better to cut them as described above. After all, long nails feel like tight shoes, as if they are pressing on the nail and the fingers begin to hurt, followed by joints, etc.
How and when are services charged?
You can pay for services before and after by card, cash, check, or transfer to your account.
Do you offer any special packages or discounts?
Yes, we do. We have a 10% discount for the first visit. We also have a 15% discount for inviting a friend. There are also exceptions if you have 2 or more dogs in your family, at the discretion of the master.
How long does a grooming session usually take?
From 2.5 hours depending on the complexity of the work with the dog, its neglect, and its size.
How often should I bathe my dog?
We can bathe your dog every 3-4 days if they are dirty. Bathing can 3 often; our cosmetics do not harm or dry your pet's skin. And so, it is desirable to do it at least once a week or two. Because your pet's skin also gets dirty and salty, and it needs to be cleaned.
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